There are moments that forever transform one’s life.  August 2011 in the midst of life-altering change, I began pouring out my heart to the Lord each morning in my journal.  To my amazement He began to write back.  This began our love affair, one of amazing joy, awe, and guidance in the middle of life’s joys and sorrows.  I am not a bible scholar, these words are not meant to guide you, simply to inspire you to how alive God is.  The Bible is the ultimate word of God, spending time in His Word and His presence is how to experience His love.

Beloved I know your struggle.

I see your obedience and I hear your heart, prayers and desires.

Beloved, when I allow My children to experience struggles it is always for growth.

Hear Me clearly. All things work together for good.  This time is a time of renewal.

Time to reawaken your walk with Me.

Time to replenish with My living water.

This too will pass, my love.

Celebrate this time with Me, melt into My love, bask in My grace, bathe in My majesty.

Live this day in wonder and awe of My power, My presence and the love that is in your life.

All is well. I am your well always.