Press Kit

Debbie Milam is available for podcast, blog, print or radio interviews.

Her inspiring stories about God’s miraculous presence will entertain, encourage, uplift, and equip your audience to deepen their own faith.

She is available to speak on miracles, living in gratitude, intimacy with God, moving through grief, finding the peace of Christ in the middle of worry, and the power of prayer.

Debbie Milam is an award-winning visionary, Bible study leader and past syndicated columnist for United Press International’s Religion and Spirituality Division.

She is the author of Overtaken by Grace and Lord Show Me You Are Here.

Debbie’s ground-breaking work has been featured in First for Women, the Miami Herald, Elle, and Ladies Home Journal, and on the Hallmark Channel, PBS, and WebMD. Her passion is to inspire people to the power, presence, beauty, and love of God.

Media Questions

1. How did God use Facebook to bring about your healing?

2.  You talk about intimacy with God, practically what does that look like?

3. How do you keep your faith strong while walking through challenges?

4.  What truths did you learn about God’s nature during your journey?

5. How can our readers/listeners begin to develop a deeper, more intimate relationship with God?

6. What could you share to encourage our readers/listeners who are walking through challenges?

7.  What practices do you use to reconnect to God’s peace?

8. What is a prayer of faith and how can listeners begin to write their own?

9.  The Bible talks so much about forgiveness, so what practical steps can you share to help our listeners forgive themselves and others?

10.  Does God still perform miracles today and will you share some of the ones you’ve experienced?

Media contact

Debbie Milam