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You are not alone. 

Some seasons of life can be so difficult. You may be in the middle of uncertainty, loss, grief, or worry.

You and your loved ones may be in the middle of illness, financial issues, relationship struggles.

Whatever you’re struggling with, God knows.

And in the middle of your circumstances, God is there and He’s still creating miracles.

Miracles in the middle of fear.

Miracles in the middle of grief.

Miracles in the middle of unwellness.

Miracles in the middle of relationships.

Miracles in the middle of suffering.

Most people talk about seeing God’s miracles when they have a breakthrough, receive healing, are freed from an addiction, or are victorious on the mountaintop. But what about the miracles that happen in the valley, in the middle of your storm, to in your difficult situation?

That’s where God does extraordinary work. That’s where God’s greatness amazes us when we need it the most.

That’s the message and encouragement in Miracles in the Middle. God’s power, presence, beauty, and love are amazing and available for you regardless of your circumstances. And when you open your eyes and your heart to see, you’ll find that God expresses His great love and presence to you in miraculous ways, right in the middle of your struggles and pain.

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Come along on an amazing daily journey toward a growing, personal, astonishingly intimate relationship with God. And God Said . . . contains the most meaningful passages from the author’s nine years of spending each morning in the presence of the Lord. His life-sustaining, affirming, and enhancing messages led to extraordinary blessings, healing, and an ever-strengthening faith. Each entry is a personal encounter between creator and creation, as God reveals more and more of His infinite love.

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Are you weary, wounded, or worried?
Does grief weigh heavy?
Do burdens feel too great to bear?
Then you are perfectly positioned for a miraculous move of God.

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Lord Show Me You Are Here is a visual retreat depicting how God epically shows up and off.
This hardcover gift book filled with prayers, inspiration and heaven-sent photography created as a refuge where you can experience the magnificent power, beauty, and love of God.