Grace Moments

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Where are you focused today? We are given the choice to focus on challenges or to look to the One whose breathtaking beauty is astonishing, whose guidance is filled with clarity to take right action, and whose love showers us in grace. Today, regardless of what you are experiencing, look up, for God and the […]


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Whatever you face, remember there is a living, loving God who knows not only what you are going through, but He is the one who can get you through it. With God’s help you will come out better than ever. Simply get on your knees and pray, “Lord, I need You. Show me You are […]

Divine Appointments

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What if the things you’ve been struggling against were actually divine interruptions leading you to a divine appointment? What if the challenges were part of your mission, your growth? How different would your life look? Just for today take a deep breath and ask God to show you what your next right step is, then […]

Be Still and Know

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One of my favorite scriptures is, Be still and know that I am God (Psalm 46:10) Some of the other translations are: “Let go of your concerns and know that I am God”; “Rest in me and know that I am God”; “Be in awe and know that I am God.”  In this busy, sometimes […]

The Miracle

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The miracle of Jesus’ death and resurrection shows us a powerful example in our own lives. Whatever suffering we have experienced, through the love of Christ Jesus, we have resurrection power.  Through Him we are new creations. He loves us so unconditionally, a love not based on what we do but on who He is. As we […]