Miracles in the Middle

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You are not alone. 

Some seasons of life can be so difficult. You may be in the middle of uncertainty, loss, grief, or worry. 

You and your loved ones may be in the middle of illness, financial issues, relationship struggles. 

Whatever you’re struggling with, God knows. 

And in the middle of your circumstances, God is there and He’s still creating miracles. 

Miracles in the middle of fear. 

Miracles in the middle of grief. 

Miracles in the middle of unwellness. 

Miracles in the middle of relationships. 

Miracles in the middle of suffering. 

Most people talk about seeing God’s miracles when they have a breakthrough, receive healing, are freed from an addiction, or are victorious on the mountaintop. But what about the miracles that happen in the valley, in the middle of your storm, to in your difficult situation? 

That’s where God does extraordinary work. That’s where God’s greatness amazes us when we need it the most. 

That’s the message and encouragement in Miracles in the Middle. God’s power, presence, beauty, and love are amazing and available for you regardless of your circumstances. And when you open your eyes and your heart to see, you’ll find that God expresses His great love and presence to you in miraculous ways, right in the middle of your struggles and pain.


I love Miracles in the Middle. My heart is full. Full of joy, peace, and love. God certainly flows through Debbie, and the power of His Word is expressed so eloquently yet simply in her writing. This book is such an inspiration for all of  us  to  walk  closer  to  God,  every  day and  through  every circumstance. 

Wendy Chanampa Author,  The Unseen Gifts of Alzheimer’s Disease  and  Dementia:  The Greatest of These Is Love 

Debbie’s life and this book are an outpouring of the miraculous magnificence of God’s love and wisdom. Keep shining, sister,  keep  shining! 

Laura  Duksta Author,  New York Times  bestseller  I Love You More and  No Matter What, I Love You 

A timely message for those searching for answers to life’s greatest challenges. Debbie extends a hand of hope as she details her journey through overcoming life’s unexpected by discovering the miracles that lie within. Readers will be left with eyes wide open to the day-to-day miracles that live around us and the power to see them. 

Krista  Anderson Author,  Claim  Your  Healing

Debbie’s wisdom and firsthand experience with miracles make this book a necessity for any believer. This book will not  only  encourage  you  in  whatever  season  you  may  be  in but also challenge you to look for miracles in places you might not believe they could be found! 

Tyler  Sterban Pastor, Different Church 

Debbie Milam captures the beauty of surrender in  Miracle in the Middle. Her words of wisdom carry you to the sacred place of love and grace. 

Lisa R. Delman Author,  Dear Mom, I’ve Always Wanted You to Know:  Daughters Share Letters from the Heart