And God Said…

When You Need Hope 

“Beloved I am here” —— the first words that graced my ears after crying out to the Lord. The year was 2010, after six years in the valley of overwhelming circumstances and family tragedies, I could not endure a moment longer.  I dropped to my knees, face to the ground, and cried out, “God, I can’t do this anymore.  If You’re here, I need You.”

 Then out of the darkness, I heard the voice of grace,  “Beloved, I am here.  Breathe in My love.  Let Me comfort you.  Get a pen and paper.  I have much to share with you,  My precious child.”  

That moment began an amazing daily journey toward a growing, personal, astonishingly intimate relationship with God.  

I picked the most meaningful passages for you, from nine years of spending each morning in the presence of the Lord, and those passages became this book.  His life-sustaining, affirming, and enhancing messages led to extraordinary blessings, healing and an ever-strengthening faith.

Whatever struggles you face——relationships, grief, fear, pain—-this same God is here for you too.  Come along on this faith walk, where you will discover God is so alive, as He reveals Himself.  This is not a self-help book with ten steps to know God.  This is not the Bible, the holy Word of God.  This is simply a glimpse of who God is—His grace,  His beauty, and His presence—and His amazing limitless love for His children.

In this uncertain season give your loved ones the gift of hope.  And God Said… makes a great gift.

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