I know life has been stressful, we’ve all been through so much, yet right in the middle of it God is here, He loves you so very much and He will bring you through it.

As you move through the rebuilding and restoration process, know I am praying for you.

As blessed as we are to have come safely through the storm, you still may go through moments of worry, sadness or weariness. This is normal. In those moments here are some prayers that you can say over yourself and your loved ones.


God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, thank you that You are God Almighty. God, I cast all my cares upon You. God, you are a God of peace and I ask that Your beautiful shalom presence quiet my mind and bring calm to me and my loved ones. Show me, God, that You are here in a way that I will understand, show me what I need to let go of, and where I need to take action. Help me to trust in You with my whole heart. Bless me Lord to be a blessing. I pray this in Your holy name.


Majestic and mighty God, thank you that we came through the storm safely. God, we need Your help in rebuilding. Let Your joy be our strength. Renew our hearts, homes, minds, bodies, and souls. God, we trust that You have a plan and a purpose in this and we ask You to give us hope in the future. Thank you that You provide for all of our needs the same way You provided for ancestors in the desert. We pray this in Your holy name.

Health and Strength

Dear God, thank you that you are here. We call on you as the God who heals and strengthens. Lord, your Holy Bible says you are a God who brings health and healing and we can enjoy peace and security help us to experience that. Help us to be strong and courageous because you are with us. Lord let us know we are safe under the shadow of your wings. Thank you God for hearing our prayers and we pray this in your holy name.

I love you, God loves you and I will continue to pray for God’s goodness to cover every area of your life.

If you have found any ways to bring you comfort and strength as you rebuild please share them in the comment section below.

Please share with anyone you know who is struggling.

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