Father God, Holy Spirit and Lord Jesus we humbly bow down in reverent adoration . Thank you for Your power and Your presence.  Thank you for our sons and daughters who are gifts from you. Father thank you that there is not a place they can go that You are not there.

We repent

Lord we repent of the sin of worry, resentment, judgment, unbelief, fear and doubt. Father God we repent on behalf of our sons and our daughters, Father forgive them for they know not what they do.

We call upon You

We call upon you Lord as Healer, Wise Counselor, Deliverer, Redeemer, and Chain-breaker and Victory Maker. We claim the blood of Jesus over our sons and your daughters.

We Claim Your authority

And now Lord, knowing Your power and claiming the authority You have given us we release our faith in the name of Jesus, that the enemy’s assignment against our families has been rendered null and void, that the generational curses are broken in the name of Jesus.

We release our faith

And we release our Faith, we believe Your promises that You are within them and they will not fail, that You have a plan and a purpose for their lives to prosper them to give them hope and a future, You have not given them a spirit of fear but of power, sound mind and love. We pray and declare in the name of Jesus that they have sound sober minds, the mind of Christ Lord.

Father in the name of Jesus close every door that leads to destruction and open every door that leads to You.

We release our faith right now in the name of Jesus that your angels stand guard around them and that they are safe under the shadow of Your wings.

Raise them up

Father raise them up. Lord raise them up to be the young men and women You have called them to be, to serve You in spirit and truth, surround them with laborers of faith who will speak life and truth to them.

Jesus we trust in You. We place our sons and daughters in Your hands. Show us how to experience Your promises, to be blessed to be a blessing and bring glory and honor to You.

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