Profess, Proclaim, Worship and Praise our God

Dear one,

You have the profound honor and privilege of coming into the presence of God through worship.

Spend a few minutes soaking in the majesty of the Lord’s presence through His word. Let your mind and your heart be filled with the magnificence of who He is.

Healer, Cornerstone, Counselor

He is the crown of Glory, our dwelling place, our refuge, our strong tower.  God is our source of everlasting strength; our firm foundation. He is a God of all grace and mercy. In the sacred communion of worship you have an opportunity to develop a deeper intimacy with God and find peace in His presence.

For a few moments let His wonder overtake your worry, let his peace eclipse your problems and let his grace cover your grief.
Now make yourself comfortable and click to listen
Thank you, God, that You are our source of joy and strength; our salvation; the God of truth and righteousness.

Music licensed with permission: Baptistm by Paul Cardall © 2005 Paul Cardall (BMI).

Soaking in God’s Word audio by Debbie Milam. © 2017 GraceLoveWell Website