Soaking in God’s Healing

Dear one,

God’s Word is so vibrant with promises of hope and healing.
Spend a few moments soaking in His healing promises and let His Word wash you well.
Sometimes healing comes supernaturally. Other times wholeness comes through a combination of faith, holistic medicine, medication, lifestyle changes, or therapy.

Whatever course of action you choose, God’s Word can help to build your faith and keep your mind full of belief.

Healing for You

As you listen to His comforting promise and watch the beauty of the ocean, let God stir up your faith to what is possible. And with God all things are possible.

Take a few minutes to relax and be immersed in GOD’S HEALING PROMISES. Click on the above link to watch.

Soaking in God’s Word audio by Debbie Milam. © 2017 GraceLoveWell Website.

Music licensed with permission: Baptism by Paul Cardall © 2005 Paul Cardall (BMI).